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May 17, 1945 Points, Points, Points.  Usually followed by “How the @#$!!& did you get so many?”

At the core of the U.S. Army Demobilization Plan was the so-called 'Point System.' Points were awarded for years of service overseas, medals and other commendations received, campaign battle stars earned, as well as other factors. The magic point total for being sent home was 85. Many men had more points, and those that had the most were slated to be sent home first. Following is a pretty typical point-system computation table (though probably incomplete):

Number of months in the armed forces

Number of months overseas                 

Number of children                             

Number of battle stars earned by unit  

Purple Heart winner                              

Soldier's Medal winner                          

Bronze Star winner                                

Presidential Unit Citation winner        

1 point per month

1 point per month

12 points per child

5 points per star

5 points per award

5 points per award

5 points per award

5 points per award